Behavioral Sessions & Consultations

We offer phone and zoom consultations for behavioral issues you might be facing. Once we've established a game plan and laid out the issues we're facing, we then can offer One on One Sessions with our Behaviorist.

Phone Consultations

Scheduled phone consults are 30 minute phone calls to determine specific issues and pick the best course of action for your pup. These are required for behavioral cases involving any aggression or reactivity.

One On One Private Sessions

One on one private training sessions take place at your home or at a mutually chosen location. These typically last 45 minutes to an hour depending on what your pup's needs are.

Zoom sessions

Some cases don't require in person training and can be done remotely. These can also be useful if you don't want to cancel training but you are sick or are isolating due to any family illness. I recommend these especially after we have completed training for check ins, this gives you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have or go back over anything that might need clarification!

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