We are located at 1300 Martin Road East, Northport AL 35473. We board dogs in metal and plastic crates sized on an individual basis for each dog in 1 of 5 air conditioned rooms when it is naptime or sleep time. During play time, dogs are kept outside in one of 4 areas surrounded by 8-foot-tall fences or on one of 2 enclosed porches. During warmer months, we regularly deploy kiddie pools filled with water for dogs to play and cool down in. In the front yard we have a circular water fountain approximately 15 feet in diameter. And in the back yard we have a 10 foot x 10 foot sandbox, as well as several pieces of playground equipment that we recently constructed specially for our camp. If the temperature is too high or if the the weather is bad, we keep the dogs inside the dog playroom where there are multiple cushioned chairs for them to relax on. In both the dog playroom and the dog bedrooms there are televisions and music to entertain them with dog-friendly programming. Our employees are here solely for the purpose of using our outstanding facility to entertain and care for your dog.

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