One-On-One Home Training

Are you having some behavior issues at home with your pup? Do you just need some help with Basic Obedience? We are now offering One-On-One Home Sessions.

Things we can help with:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Jumping/Counter surfing
  • Reactivity/Aggressive tendencies
  • Resource Guarding
  • Leash Walking
  • General Anxiety
  • Confidence building


A little over a year ago, we started having trouble with dust ups between 2 of our 3 dogs, Steve and Gorilla. Steve was always the aggressor and would attack Gorilla seemingly without provocation. We thought Steve was the problem, took him for a behavioral consult, started him on Prozac and put baby gates up throughout the house to keep him and Gorilla separate at all times. We had been doing that for over a year when Destiny at Hot Diggity Doggie Camp said that she may be able to help with at-home training sessions. She came over to our house on a Saturday afternoon and after only a few minutes of seeing Steve and Gorilla interact in their home environment, she already had "diagnosed" what was happening and had suggestions about how to help fix it. Destiny has such a wide range of knowledge and experience about how dogs interact and their body language, so she was able to explain to us clearly what was happening, how to recognize it and what to do about it! After our first home training session with Destiny we were able to sit and relax on the couch with all three dogs!! I honestly don't think it's overstating it to say that our lives' and routine have completely transformed since instituting Destiny's suggestions. I highly recommend Hot Diggity Doggie Camp, Destiny, and their at-home training! We also love their day camp, boarding and their Levels training classes helped Gorilla with her confidence and anxiety about being in public places. Thank you so much HDDC!!!

Kathryn O.


"My 1 year old Doberman Izzy went to Hot Diggity Dog Camp when she was a pup for puppy obedience classes and it helped her and myself in so many ways . Now I am using their One-On-One Home training for Izzy to correct some leash walking issues. Destiny has helped me so much getting Izzy back on track!! I would highly recommend this place for your needs . The staff is amazing!! They really do care about the pups!"



About Destiny

Our Trainers

Destiny McGarvey

Destiny McGarvey

Destiny McGarvey is our Behavioral Analyst/Dog Trainer here at HDDC. She is pictured above with her dog Kelso. She has been an employee here at Hot Diggity Doggie Camp since April of 2020. Her favorite part of her job as a Dog Trainer is rehabilitating anxious dogs. She currently works in our Board and Train program, Levels Training Off Site program, Behavior Modification at home sessions, and works our Temperament Tests on the Day Care side of Hot Diggity Doggie Camp.

For more information, please contact our trainer, Destiny.
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