Is Your Little One Ready for Pup School?

Register your dog for puppy kindergarten classes at Hot Diggity Doggie Camp

Are you ready to teach your dog new tricks? Do you want your dog to play nicely with other dogs? Enroll your furry friend in puppy kindergarten! At Hot Diggity Doggie Camp, your puppy will meet new friends, learn commands and have lots of fun.

Let your pup learn, play and grow at Hot Diggity Doggie Camp

Our goal is to help your puppy grow into a healthy, balanced dog. Through our eight-week puppy kindergarten program, your puppy will learn:

  • How to play with other puppies
  • Basic commands and drills
  • Good manners and obedience

Our Puppy Kindergarten requirements are as follows:
1. Age of Puppies: 8 weeks to 4 months old.
2. Must have two rounds of Vaccines

Puppy Kindergarten classes are on Mondays at 5:30, and the classes run 6 weeks long.

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