Fun, One Time, In-Person Classes!

Looking for fun, unique events and classes to attend with your dog? We offer several one-time pop-up seminars in the Fall and Spring!

Seminar Schedule 2023

Seminar Schedule 2023

Beginner Nosework Seminar

Date: Saturday February 18th (Virginia)
Time Slots: 12:30pm
Dogs per Class:  4

Beginner Trick Dog Seminar

Date: Saturday June 10th (Brittany)
Time Slots: 12:30pm, 1:30pm
Dogs per Class: 4

No-Jump Seminar

Date:  April 2nd (Marly)
Time Slots: 12:30pm, 1:30pm
Dogs per Class: 4

How to Talk Dog / Canine Colors Seminar

Date: July 8th (Stephanie)
Time Slots:  1:00pm
10 Humans Per Class (No Dogs)

Tricks with Touch Seminar

Date: Saturday May 20th (Stormie)
Time Slots: 12:30pm, 1:30pm
Dogs per Class: 4

Emergency Recall Seminar

Date: Saturday June 10th (Brittany)
Time Slots: 12:30pm, 1:30pm
Dogs per Class:  4

Enrichment Seminar

Date: July 8th (Stephanie)
Time Slots: 1:00pm
10 Humans per Class (No Dogs)

Seminar Descriptions

Seminar Descriptions

Beginner Nosework Seminar:

Does your dog go on search-and-destroy missions? Do they counter surf? Dig in the trash? Are they bored at home? Are you looking for a fun and easy game to play with your dog? Nose Work is for YOU!!!

What is Nose Work? Put simply, nose work is teaching your dog to use its nose to find hidden treats. We will teach you how to channel your dog's natural need to sniff and snack into a positive and fun exercise that builds your partnership and rewards your dog for doing what it does best: smell! Using simple, every-day items you already have around your house, you'll learn how to create a nose obstacle course for your dog.

Why Nose Work? Dogs have a primal need to smell. Giving your pup the opportunity to smell and find rewards for doing so releases all the happy chemicals in their brains. Getting to sniff around is like going to a spa for humans - it's soothing and relaxing. Nose Work also encourages confidence and problem-solving, which leads to a more well-rounded dog. On busy and rainy days, setting up a nose work course can help burn off excess energy that could otherwise turn destructive.

Beginner Trick Dog Seminar:

Looking for a fun and interactive way to bond with your dog? Want to have your pup show off for all of your friends and family? Come join us for our Pop-Up Trick Class and have tons of fun with your dog! All tricks are beginner friendly and don't require any previously known skills. Learning tricks with your dog helps to improve your communication skills as well as helps test your dog's problem solving.

To get the most out of this class, we do recommend that dogs are able to work around other dogs since this will be a group class! This is to ensure that you get the most out of your class time!

No-Jump Seminar:

Having issues with your dog being a rude greeter? When you come home from a long day at work, is your dog greeting you with an excited punch in the gut? We can help! Learn tips and tricks to help address and reduce this behavior. Learn why dogs jump and how you might have accidentally encouraged them to keep jumping!

How to Talk Dog / Canine Colors Seminar:

This is a HUMAN ONLY Seminar. No dogs will be attending this class. This Seminar will have 2 parts to it.

How to Talk Dog (Hosted by Destiny) - Ever wish your dog could speak to you? Well guess what, they're trying to communicate! In this section of our Seminar, you will learn how to read the body language of dogs. Pick up on your dog's subtle way of trying to speak with you!

Canine Colors (Hosted by Liz) - Ever wonder what personality type your dog is? We can help! Join us and find out what color you and your dog(s) are!

Tricks with Touch Seminar:

Looking for a fun and interactive way to bond with your dog? Want to have your pup show off for all of your friends and family? This Trick Class will focus on tricks that include a "Touch" Command. Touch is where a dog targets a specific area/object with their nose and/or paw. This class will include pressing buttons, closing doors, and more!

Emergency Recall Seminar:

Nothing is worse than that heavy gut feeling when your dog gets out the front door and the world outside is way more exciting than responding to their name as you yell at them from the front door. Emergency Recall Class teaches owners how to set in place an Emergency recall word for those dangerous situations. This command is meant to be used only as a backup recall when your dog is blowing off its normal recall command. This is a safety measure every owner should have in their back pocket!

Enrichment Seminar:

This is a HUMAN ONLY class where we will go over fun, interactive games and puzzles you can play and offer to your dog. Learn all the fun ways to enrich your dog's life and challenge their brains! Dogs need more than physical exercise, they need mental challenges to learn better problem solving skills. They need to use their sense of smell and meet natural needs such as chewing, licking, and ripping!

We will teach you homemade methods using common household items as well as demonstrate purchasable items you can get right from Amazon and the pet store! We will offer a hands-on section where all pet parents will get to make an enrichment toy themselves to take home to their pups!

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