About the Trainer

My name is Amy Trice and I am the proud owner of Hot Diggity Doggie Camp. I was inspired to open the camp after hosting play times and sleepovers for my friends' dogs to play with my Australian Shepherd puppy, Kelly at my downtown Tuscaloosa home. As I began to keep more dogs and I began to think about retirement from my teaching job, I decided to open a full-time boarding center.

We moved to our new and expanded location at 1300 Martin Road East in Northport in April 2007 and have been expanding ever since. I first began training to prepare me for this role by joining the Assocation Pet Dog Trainers. Since then I have attended multiple conferences and classes about training dogs and an internship with professional obediance trainer Pat Miller.

I have developed a program, "Puppy Kindergarten," to help owners and their new pets bond and learn constructive habits. This program is for puppies 2 months to 4 months old and is conducted through Parks and Recreation Association (PARA). I also conduct "Best Friends Camp" at Camp O'Rear in Jasper, AL for a weekend of fun and obedience training for dogs and their child-owners.

I volunteer for the Humane Society of West Alabama and keep and train foster dogs for them on a regular basis. My current foster dogs, pictured below, are Justin and Libby. I actively promote the adoption of my foster dogs and provide consulting to potential homes. In my free time I help organize events with T-town Paws, instruct a water aerobics course, and attend yoga classes.

Miss Kelly Trice

The inspiration behind Hot Diggity Doggie Day Camp

Meet Kelly Trice, my first dog as an adult. I got her as a puppy in the Spring of 2000. Getting Kelly was the beginning of my life as a dog lover. She was the reason I founded Hot Diggity Dog Camp!