Looking for fun new ways to bond with your dog?

What is Novice Trick Class?

Novice Trick class is a class designed for dogs and owners who want to learn fun tricks to show off to their friends and family or just bond and enjoy working with each other! 

Our Novice Trick Class gets owner and dog ready to receive their AKC Novice Trick Dog Title over the course of our 6-Week long class

You will learn tricks like Paw, Crawl, Speak, Fetch, Find It, Touch, Spin, jump, and much more! 

Who Can Join Novice Trick Class?

Any healthy dogs over the age of 4 months old with Up-to-date vaccines can register for Novice Trick Class. We highly recommend dogs have experience working in a class setting around other dogs so owners and dogs can get the most out of these classes! No experience with any tricks is needed! 

When is Novice Trick Class?

Classes are Monday nights at 6:30pm here at Hot Diggity Doggie Camp and runs for 6 weeks long

How Much is Novice Trick Class?

Our Novice Trick Class is $200 for the 6 week program and includes our AKC Novice Trick Dog Title Evaluation

What is an AKC Novice Trick Dog Title?

AKC Novice Trick dog is a Title your dog can earn. Every dog - even mixed breeds - can register for an AKC number. Once they have an AKC Number, your dog can start earning different Titles with Ribbons and Certificates to accompany their Accomplishments!

AKC Novice Trick dog shows a dog's competence in performing 10 different and unique tricks learned in our Novice Trick Classes. The List of AKC Novice Trick Dog tricks are listed on AKC's website. Our class instructor can evaluate and award Titles to any dog with an AKC Number in Novice Trick Class! 


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